Visitor Health Insurance

    None of the visitors would ever deny the fact that, visiting a foreign country gives a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety. Excitement of being in a foreign land and enjoying the beauty of a distant place much different than your own is many a time over shadowed with the anxiety of sickness, injury or accidents. What affect the individuals much more are the medical expenses, especially in a country like USA.

    USA accounts for providing high-end health care services at extremely high prices. Hence it becomes usually impossible for visitors to provide themselves necessary medical service. In such a case, what can provide you a guaranteed financial security is visitor health insurance. If you are on a visit to US, or else if you are expecting your parents or relatives in US, it is highly advisable to purchase visitor health insurance.

    Visitor health insurance provides the following benefits:

    • Can benefit individuals travelling or temporarily residing in the US
    • Insurance coverage for minimum of 5 days
    • High end - comprehensive benefits
    • Low cost Insurance
    • $50 Dr co-pay and 90% or 100% in PPO benefits
    • Can be easily purchased and renewed via internet
    • Refundable upon cancellation

    Visitors Medical Protection